Adobe coming up with Free AI-powered Photoshop Camera app

We know Adobe for its multimedia software products like Adobe Photoshop, Acrobat Reader, Creative Cloud etc. The company has recently announced its free AI-Based photoshop camera app which will automatically edit the pictures for you. This app will be using Adobe Artificial Intelligence Platform Adobe Sensei to recognize the images if they contain a face or not? do they have nature in them? is it still photography? etc and will automatically suggest various edits that can be applied.

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A Glimpse of  Adobe Photoshop Camera

These edits or filters can be applied on both the real-time photos or the photos stored in the mobile’s Gallery. Not everyone knows everything about photography and hence people require certain apps which can help them to make various adjustments in their photos to make them look better. Adobe’s photo camera does the same for its users.

Adobe photoshop camera will be able to automatically detect the phototype. It will be able to make adjustments in the brightness, contrast, tone etc of the picture. Also, the users will be able to work on various layers, which means each layer can be edited anytime during the photo-editing.

We have talked of the word “Automatic” so many times in this post that you might get confused whether this app allows Manual Editing or not. Clearing your dilemma, Yes! This app does provide manual editing features. Users will be able to play with various photo settings including changes to the shadows, highlights, vibrancy, contrast and exposure of the picture.

Adobe Photoshop Camera

While having so many camera apps in the market, Adobe will want to make this Photoshop Camera app as powerful as it could be. Photoshop Camera is embedded with Auto-Masking feature. For example: If you want to change the background of a portrait picture; it will automatically detect the object and will mask it for you. Hence, you will not need to mask your object manually. Not only user can change the background of photos but they can also play with various filters and magic effects.

These automatic edits will not only help the users to edit their pictures professionally but it will also save a lot of their time. Editing photos on Android can sometimes be more irritating. Its maybe because the display size of the phone is limited. It gets difficult to move our hands around unlike we move cursors in pc.

Presently, this app is available to a very small community of photoshop users. If you are looking for the early access of this Photoshop Camera App- You can Sign Up Here.

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