Amazon’s drive for Prime sign-up ‘baiting’: ASA

An Amazon payment page was trying to misguide and could have led people to sign up for Amazon’s subscription service, Prime, heedlessly, the UK’s advertising watchdog has mentioned.

As per the reports 10 people have registered there grievance to the ASA about this part of the check-out process.

The ASA stated the page should not appear in its current form anew and options associated with signing up to Prime must be “shown clearly” in the future. Amazon told it was “saddened” by the verdict.

‘Active value’

In a comment, Amazon told: The testimony from millions of transactions proves that customers have had positive experiences.

“The ASA has preferably based its ruling on a handful of complaints and a subjective opinion of the page. We will extend our talks with the ASA.”

It stated users had conjectured the options and only “a pretty petite number of members” who signed up through the page had dropped their membership within three days.

The “immense majority” had made active use of their membership, it spoke.

‘Dizzy shade’

Amazon Prime fetches £79 a year or £7.99 monthly. It grants one-day free delivery, as well as access to music, books, and video streaming. It is mostly available with a free 30-day trial.

The page in a puzzle, detected in May and June 2019, carried a gold box affirming: “Order now with Prime.” Directly beneath that, in a grey box, text stated: “Proceed with free one-day delivery – pay later.” Both these options signed users up to Prime.

In its decree, the ASA announced the presentation and wording of the two boxes had been “expected to be seen by the average consumer as separate options”.

The option to not join Prime at all had been shown on the left-hand side of the page, had been tinier and “could surely be juggled by consumers,” it answered.

“Also the color is dull- and to the option presented in the grey and gold boxes, it was significantly less noticeable,” the verdict declared.



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