Apple finally kills iTunes with new macOS Catalina update

The iconic music program iTunes, once launched by Apple in 2001, has been finally killed. 

With the latest Catalina update of macOS, iTunes will split into three different applications. 

Launched back in the year 2001, iTunes aimed to help the users manage their media which includes songs and videos. 

Not only that but it also helped the iPhone users to back up and update their iPhone, purchase music,  and movies, and even listen to podcasts. 

But where the program failed was, it tried too hard to do much and in the meantime, made itself bulky and over-complicated. 

To avoid any further complications, Apple has now taken the decision to split the iTunes program into three different applications, Apple Music, Apple Podcasts and Apple TV. 

The newly launch of Apple Music application will feature similar basic characteristics, excluding the odd extra features like movies and iPhone syncing. 

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The Apple Podcast application will also be refurbished and will the ability to search podcast content. 

The new launch of Apple TV will let you find your movies and TV shows and will also support 4K HDR playback. 

However, the iTunes application has not yet been completely abandoned and is still available on Windows computers or anyone using older versions of Mac software.

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