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Couple got scammed on booking Airbnb apartment of £10,000

The British couple was scammed of £10,000, having the promise of the luxury Ibiza flat with a hot tub and Turkish bath.

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Denise Feltham and his wife Ian flew to Ibiza from Chiswick, West London, to spend a two-week luxurious vacation in the VIP apartment of Ibiza’s Las Boas complex. They even took their Yorkshire terriers, Ross and Honey, with them for the vacation.

They took to Airbnb for booking their apartment. When they went through the Lux Travel Collective listing, it appeared to be quite real and trustworthy with around thirty-seven reviews and five-star ratings.

But when the pair arrived, to their surprise, the luxury VIP apartment did not exist at all.

The scam story does not end here and the couple was further forced to book the nearest dog-friendly accommodation, forty-miles away from the given location, by paying £200 extra for a night-stay.

The couple became quite anxious and tried to contact the Lux Travel Collective but did not get any response. Even when they tried to contact the company based in Thailand, the couple became more worried.  

The couple was not even confirmed with any booking of their Ibiza penthouse and even asked a friend from Ibiza, to enquire about it.  

Mr. Feltham, however, got in touch with Airbnb when he was said that, he can only claim a refund if he is not provided with accommodation on reaching.

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When the couple finally reported to Airbnb regarding the scam, they were given a full refund along with an apology and the residence was even removed from the Airbnb listing.

However, the couple is disappointed with the checks that Airbnb does before considering it in their listing. The fact that the site even had pictures of the apartment despite its non-existence, made the couple point out Airbnb’s irresponsibility.


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