Google Pixel Beating Apple in the 5G Race

While Apple has already declared to present its 5G variant, not before the next year, Google seems to be all set for the launch of its 5G variant along with Google Pixel 4.

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There have already been innumerable discussions and leaked updates regarding the launch of Google Pixel 4, even before its reported launch date of, October 15. According to the latest update, the new launch of Google can prove to be a lot faster than Android users have ever imagined. 

The Internet is already full of Google Pixel 4 images from each and every angle. It also includes other information like pricing details, color options, and the latest new square camera system. 

If the sources are to go by, then the upcoming launches of Google, Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL will be soon joined by the 5G variant of Pixel 4. 

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According to the Japanese news site, Nikkei Asian Review, the 5G variant of Google is still undergoing several tests in China. If everything goes well and good, then the 5G launch of Google will be successful on October 15, alongside the two new phones, a smartwatch, and a notebook. 

However, no confirmation or an official update has been circulated by Google yet, regarding the launch of the 5G variant.

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