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Jennifer Aniston was there on Instagram and you had no clue about it

Earlier this week, Jennifer Aniston came to Instagram, and her fans can hardly keep calm. But more than that, what shocked the fam, was the news that she had a stalker account on Instagram before she officially stepped in. 

At the ripe age of 50, the FRIENDS star has already bagged over eleven million followers on her official Instagram account. 

However, Aniston’s debut style to step on Instagram was quite nostalgic. She posted a picture with her FRIENDS cast for the first time, on her official Instagram account and a major missing is happening already. 

Yet when all the hype did not subside, Jen revealed about having a stalker account on Instagram for quite a long time. 

After shocking everyone with her revelation, she said that she just wanted to know how Instagram really works and about its features before officially stepping in here. 

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As it is her first step to the social media world, she wanted to understand everything about how the application really works and whether or not it interferes with her privacy. 

When asked about the reason for Jennifer stepping into the Insta world, there were no reasons as such, according to her. She, however, said that many people were asking her for quite a long time to explore social media and moreover, another reason was to be able to interact with her fans. 

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