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Jonty Bravery accused of throwing the boy off Tate Modern balcony

A teenager in the United Kingdom has been accused of murdering a six-year-old boy throwing him off the Tate Modern balcony.

Jonty Bravery threw the six-year-old child who cannot be named, from the tenth floor of the building. The child though alive, cannot speak, or eat, or move his body.  

A court sketch of Jonty Bravery at the Old Bailey. The reporting restriction has been lifted after he turned 18. Photograph: Elizabeth Cook/PA

According to the reporting restrictions of the United Kingdom, the accused individual was not previously identified due to the reporting ban. But as he turned 18 now, the ban has been removed. He is expected to present on trial, in February, next year.

The teenager who is believed to be the real suspect is an Ealing resident, originally from West London and the six-year-old victim has been identified as a resident of France.  

Bravery was charged on August 5 when he grabbed the six-year-old child who was viewing the gallery of the London Museum and threw him down.  

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The boy fell from the five-storeyed building which is around 100 feet tall, till he landed on a fifth-floor roof of the gallery. From there, the child was immediately airlifted to the hospital nearby.  

The boy went through a deep bleed on his brain and even got fractures on his back, legs, and arms. He still cannot make any move or eat or swallow but he keeps on reacting to jokes and smiling. However, he has made steady progress and received donations worth €104,550.

The accused teenager was first apprehended by the eyewitnesses of the incident and then, was handed to the police, for trial.



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