Major glitch happening in macOS Catalina and some users find their emails getting vanished

It has been quite some time that Apple has come up with it’s macOS Catalina update. But it seems like, the update has come with some glitches, especially when the users reported about their email messages going missing in the Apple mail. 

Apple has agreed to the user’s feedback and it’s developer, Michael Tsai, has also outlined certain issues that have cropped up over time. He has requested the users to hold on for a while until these bugs are fixed in the Catalina update

Reportedly, the main problem crops up when the messages are moved or synced with other devices. During the process, some email messages are even getting absolutely disappeared from the Apple mailbox. Even when the user is trying to back up the messages, or trying to download the contents of the mail, or restore data from the email archive, similar problems may happen. 

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However, not many users seem to be affected by the glitch, as can be seen from Tsai’s forum post. But the reason behind the glitch has not been known yet. According to some reports, the problem may be a result of the server issues. The officials will probably reveal something regarding the glitch very soon.


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