Microsoft makes an addition to its keyboard range and the Windows 10 users are very happy

Microsoft has made a secret new addition of two qwerty keyboards in the market and Windows 10 users are more than happy about it. 

If looked from the surface, one can hardly spot a change but on taking a closer look, you will know that you have been gifted with two new shortcut keys. 

These two shortcut keys have been introduced with a purpose, to ensure better performance of the Windows device. While one shortcut key will work to make the launch of Microsoft Office faster, the other will allow you to get quick access to the emojis during the chat. 

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You will find the shortcut key for the emojis at the right-hand corner of the keyboard, at the left of the Ctrl button. But, unlike Apple, there is no option to set up a favorites section for your emojis. So, whenever you want to send an emoji, you will have to scroll through it all, until you find the one you have been looking for. 

The new keyboard is given only to the Windows laptops which comes under the pre-order category. However, the change is so minute, that hardly anybody had any clue about it.


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