Moto 360 Watch is back in the Market, but Motorola isn’t making it!

The Moto 360 Watch was first launched back in the year 2015. The slick-looking watch was so attractive that it remained in Headlines for a quite long period. It was the first Round Android Wear Watch in the market and hence it gained a lot of attention. The watch wasn’t able to survive the market competition for very long and as a result, it lost all its charm by the end of the year 2016.

Looks and Features of MOTO 360 Watch

Moto 360 is back in the news for its comeback. The watch is now being made by a company called which is under licence and partnership with Motorola. It will feature a Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 3100 processor, 8 GB Storage and 1 GB memory (RAM). Talking about the features, this watch is embedded with various features like heart rate monitor, GPS etc. The Moto 360 watch is now coming with a battery of 355 mAH. According to the eBuyNow’s claim, the battery goes from dead to complete charge in just an hour. This speed of charging is quite faster than many of the smartwatches available in the market.

Moto 360 Watch
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Fast-forwarding to the looks of the watch, it will be coming in three shades of silver, gold and black stainless steel finishes. The touchscreen is 1.2 inches, circular 360×360 pixel OLED Panel. There are two buttons provided on the sides of the watch. It also features the “always-on” option. One among the two buttons also rotates in order to let the user be able to scroll the interface. The second button is used to customize any application (Selecting various options available in the app). The watch will come with two straps- Rubber and Leather.

Hitches of Moto 360 and Launch

Talking about the edges of the watch, it is still thick as compared to many of the smartwatches. The OLED Display of Moto 360 is also not as bright as other smartwatches like Apple or Samsung’s. The border of the screen is quite wide which makes the touchscreen look quite smaller. The 1 GB memory installed in the device doesn’t make this watch as responsive as an Apple or Samsung watch but ensures that the device will not lag or behave improperly.

The version of Moto 360 watches produced by eBuyNow will be available for the pre-orders in November. While the watch will be available to the retailers in December. The cost of this watch will be $350 which can be considered very high as compared to other smartwatches present in the market.

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