RBS questions Samsung over its Galaxy S10 security imperfection

Following a security defect that was detected, RBS along with its associate bank Natwest has withdrawn its apps for the Samsung Galaxy S10.

Just the previous week, users noticed the device could be unlocked by anyone through the phone’s fingerprint authentication system when handled with special screen protectors.

Furthermore, S10 users will not be able to use RBS apps until the matter is resolved. The bank is also urging those with the app already downloaded “to disable biometrics on their phone”.

Still, it would not barricade the fact, as in the alert was for the whole 200,000 buyers who are using this Galaxy S10.

Nationwide Building Society and HSBC have declared comparable advice to consumers, along with banks in Israel and South Korea, as per the reports.

Meantime, Wechat and Alipay, who unitedly rule China’s mobile payments market, have reportedly disabled the fingerprint payment option on their apps for the Galaxy S10 and Galaxy Note 10.

Till now there have been no reports of people using the glitch to conduct fraud – yet banks are advising consumers to be careful.

HSBC UK spokeswoman stated:

“We have been in direct contact with consumers who may be impressed by the potential Samsung security concern, and have advised that they disable their phone’s fingerprint authentication until a fix is authenticated and they’ve updated their device.”

The story that held Samsung Galaxy S10 into trouble

The issue was exposed last week by a British lady, whose spouse was quick enough to unlock her Galaxy S10 with his thumbprint during when it was put in a cheap case.

The lady bought a gel screen guard, registered her right thumbprint and then marked her left thumbprint, which was not registered, could also unlock the phone.

She then asked her spouse to try and both his thumbs also unfastened it. When the screen protector was added to another relative’s phone, the same thing happened.

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