Sony A9 II Photo Leaked and we are just suspecting a launch very soon

The New Sony A9 II  photo has been leaked and there are rumors that the launch date of the camera is near.

The Sony A9 II is the most-hyped product among the audience till now and with the leakage of the photos, the launch date can be predicted to be not too far.

(Image credit: Future)

The initial Sony A9 was launched earlier in the month of April, in the year 2017. It created quite a buzz amidst the mass due to its extraordinary features and amazing launch updates.

Now, after two years has passed by, it has been the right time to predict the new upgrade of Sony A9 II. Especially with the Olympics coming up next, the current model with top-level sports and action shooting, can be sensed to launch very soon.

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If you’re looking for a camera to capture the fast-moving objects, then the camera is perfect. It is equipped with the headline feature which is capable of capturing 20fps at full resolution with zero viewfinder blackout and full autofocus.

From the leaked image, the body construction of A9 II is predicted to be much similar to its A7 range; as Sony likes to keep it similar.

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