Sony PS5 can have a Siri-like voice assistant for in-game help, according to the patent

Siri can now tell you how to kill the beast of your video game. With the latest update of Sony PS5, the Siri-like voice assistant can guide you through your video game.

Till today, Siri could answer all our queries but imagining it as a video game help assistant was no less than a dream. But Sony made the dream come true for us.  

(Image credit: Sony)

With the recently published patent, Sony announces that they may soon bring up a voice assistant which can directly be linked to your gaming console, that is, PS5.  

Sony is thinking of some out bounding features for the voice assistant. According to the records, it can take voice commands directly from the console as the video game progresses or, it may also get activated with a certain identified phrase.  

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Moreover, it seems to be also equipped with the deep learning engine feature which can temporarily shrink the screen’s display to display the answer in the next screen.  

It does not end here, and it can further help you with tips and tricks while you are playing a video game.  

In the case of Alexa, or Google, it would have been much tough for them to provide you with tips for gaming because they aren’t directly looped into your game, like Siri assistant.


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