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Wedding venue manager, of 51, passes away by tasting a sample of Fish Cake

A wedding venue manager named Darren Hickey, of 51 years, dies by getting choked while eating a hot fish cake. 

According to the reports, the individual was already a stroke victim. Recently, he survived a seven-years long inability to walk and talk. After tasting the hot fish cake, the venue manager was unable to breathe which lead to the deadly incident. 

The incident happened on April 4, when he was leaving the venue, one of the chefs asked him to try out the fish cake. The fish cake ended up giving a burning sensation to the throat and caused swelling to his voice box, eventually making him unable to breathe. 

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On post mortem, the pathologist, Dr. Patrick Waugh informed that the cause of death was amongst the rare cases he has ever seen. 

Reportedly, Mr. Hickey was taken to the hospital but was only prescribed paracetamol for pain. On coming back, the swelling of the throat became worse. However, he was again taken back to the hospital where he passed away the next day. 

Mr. Parkinson, who stays at the same place, served as an eye witness. He ran to Darren’s room hearing him shouting and found him almost getting choked and called for the ambulance. 

The ambulance got delayed by five minutes due to the confusion of pin code and he was declared dead by the hospital, in the early hours of the next day.

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