Windows 10’s latest update pose problems to the Microsoft users

The latest update for which the Microsoft users have been craving for so long is causing problems to the Microsoft users, after downloading. 

Earlier this week, Microsoft came up with the KB4517389 cumulative patch for Windows 10 which claims to boost up the security measures of your PC. 

The particular aim behind the launch was to upgrade security measures of Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge. Not only that but the new update also brought a change in the verification process of usernames and passwords. The main highlight of the update being, the PC’s capability to store and manage the files. 

Though the latest features of the update seem to be absolutely top-notch, the Microsoft fans do not seem to have a similar reaction to the update after downloading it. Instead, their situation is quite disappointing. 

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After downloading the Microsoft update, the new update is showing critical errors while using the Start Menu. As for the Microsoft users, the Start Menu serves various purposes, it is creating an air of dissatisfaction among the users. According to the feedback given by the users, the print spooler and the search bar were even causing a mess, while any action was attempted. 

Reportedly, on uninstalling the updates, the problems are instantly disappearing. However, Microsoft has yet not circulated any news about fixing the KB4517389 patch. 


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