With Its Device Brick Apple En-routes iOS 13.2 Update For HomePod

Apple launched iOS 13.2 earlier today simultaneously with a list of fresh HomePod highlights.

The announcement produced accompanying a HomePod software update that combined the forecasted multi-user mode as well as features such as Handoff and Ambient Sounds to the HomePod.

Still, just in a few hours after delivering the software update, the Cupertino giant is seen to have uprooted the tardiest HomePod iOS 13.2 software update transitorily.

The transit is touching the user records that enlisted bricking concerns after updating their HomePod speaker via the iOS 13.2. Some of the hurt users posted their enigmas across social media platforms and even stretched out to Apple Support to demand replacement devices.

iOS 13.2 update was intended to intensify the Apple HomePod with the highlights that were presented at WWDC 2019 back in June.

One of the predicted traits that Apple induced during the update was the multi-user mode that enabled the HomePod to identify up to six different voices to deliver personalized acknowledgments to multiple users in the home.

This was endeavored to make the HomePod a potent adversary toward Amazon Echo and Google Home devices that both support multi-user voice inputs.

Apple additionally figured the Handoff feature to play music, podcasts, and phone call audio directly from a connected iPhone. Moreover, the update arrived in Ambient Sounds as well as added support to unite music to HomeKit scenes.

The update was granted to the users who installed iOS 13.2 on their iPhone or iPad OS 13.2 on their iPad variant. Still, Apple picked the night-loving HomePod software version merely hours after its launch due to bricking issues, as per the report.

Apple has halted the iOS 13.2 update for the HomePod to overcome the outrage. Also, the company through a support page is recommending the users who have already upgraded to the latest version to avoid resetting their HomePod or removing it from the Home app.

It is unclear whether Apple will soon resume the iOS 13.2 update for the HomePod. However, the users who have already reset or removed their HomePod from the Home app are advised to contact Apple Support directly.

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