You may never get to see the latest launches of Samsung Galaxy S11 and Galaxy Note 11

After the launch of Galaxy S10 and Galaxy Note 10 range of smartphones by Samsung, you may never get the chance to come across their successors anytime soon.

According to the recent reports, the Samsung company has probably decided not to stretch the thread any further. But that doesn’t mean that their flagship smartphone business will come to an end.

Reportedly, instead of coming up with two different smartphone models in the follow-up range, Samsung will come up with an all-conquering handset model and we cannot have patience!

Though both the ranges possess a number of differences when it comes to price, features, displays and more, the creators will surely rest it to a meet point where the best of both can be used well.

However, the expectation of the mass has been set quite high with the previous launch features being, live focus video recording and the latest 5G support. So, the curiosity of “what’s next” is not taking any back seat yet.

According to Evan Blass, the latest upcoming model will source facilities like, large screen, latest camera features and software updates, and stylus sporting handset which is definitely the best combination ever launched by Samsung.  

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However, the company heads have not yet given any source of information regarding its features and have hanged it by saying, “the early-stage idea is still under process, waiting for the confirmation of the South Korean companies to implement it”.

Even though we are eagerly waiting for the launch of this dream handset, there’s no bad news for the flagship series expecters. The two flagship series of Samsung, that is, the Galaxy One and Galaxy Fold, will be still alive.

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