Your new Google Pixel 4 will now feature much more than just touch and voice commands

Google just launched its next-generation smartphone and its something you’ve probably been waiting for, till now. It was launched back on Tuesday in the city of New York. 

Though the launch quenched the thirst of the users, it was not too much of a surprise. A number of posts and photos have been circulated on the internet about the model and the latest features of the new model. 

The new smartphone has been launched in two different sizes, standard and XL and sports a square camera structure are similar to Apple. It is also equipped with a Soli radar chip which allows the prompt face recognition and helps to identify gestures, more securely. 

The best part about the Google device is that it trades an auto-transcribing application which is capable of translating the audio into text, within some time limit. 

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The model has been priced at $799, which is slightly higher than the iPhone 11 model and will be made available in the market from October 24. The most exciting of all news is that Pixel 4 will be made widely available to major carrier services around. del. 

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