Do you know- Facebook is Secretly using your Iphone’s Camera

This is an alarm for the people using the iPhones as Facebook is suspected of using your iPhone’s camera without your knowledge. The camera comes in use when you scroll down your newsfeed in the Facebook Application. We came out to know this when a user named Joshua Maddux tweeted this suspecting behaviour of Facebook.

Have a look at his tweet:

He has shared the screen recording of his phone to show how his phone’s camera is continuously working in the background while he is scrolling his news feed. Joshua Maddux also stated that he has faced this issue not only in his current version of the iPhone but also in the previous versions.

Maddux added to his statement that he has observed the same behaviour in 5 different iPhone devices using iOS 13.2.2. Although he has not recorded any such activity in iOS 12 but he cannot completely deny that facebook is not using the Camera Secretly in iOS 12. Maybe there is some bug in iOS 13.2.2 which causes the app to show users the use of the camera in the background.

What was found in Tests?

His tweet gained a lot of attention and many techs reviewing companies found his observation true. They too saw that the camera was actively working in the background in iOS 13.2.2 while they were scrolling the newsfeed. They noticed it too that Facebook is only able to use Camera if the user has granted the Facebook app the permission to use the Camera. Even otherwise Facebook tries to use Camera but iOS blocks its attempt.

The Android version 10 devices and Google Pixel 4 was tested for the same behaviour and there we could not find any such suspectable activity.  It is still unclear whether Facebook is trying to spy on us or is seriously having some kind of Bug. Of course, we know what Facebook will say regarding this issue (This was a bug, blah blah! Sorry)

Now you know that if you will provide the Camera permission to any app in your iOS device, it will be able to use the camera without your knowledge, no matter if you are using that app at that moment or not.

For now, it is advised to the iPhone Facebook users to revoke their Camera permission until Facebook comes up with a very strong reason for conducting such kind of activity. That’s the only way possible at the moment which can protect your privacy online.  Another way of securing yourself online is by hiding your phone’s camera using some sort of tape. We have seen that even the Creator of Facebook – Mark Zuckerberg does the same.

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