You can now enable 2FA on Twitter Without adding phone number

As we have seen a lot of issues that have happened in the past with twitter’s security where the founder, Jack Dorsey, was compromised and the hacker posted tweets that go against the community guidelines of twitter. Even though his account had a 2FA enabled through his phone number.

Enable 2FA on Twitter without adding your phone number

Before the recent update, twitter used to rely upon SMS service by sending a 6 digit code to users who have enabled 2fa. Recently, Twitter also claimed that it used the user’s phone number for advertising purposes but now it has added a functionality to enable 2FA using authentication apps which are much more secure and don’t require the phone number of the user.

For users who are still using the traditional 2FA can delete their phone number from twitter using the app or from the website, upon deleting the phone number you will be warned that your number is in use for 2FA. You can turn it off and use a different method for 2FA.

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