Google Starts Rolling Out RCS For Users In The US

Google is rolling out RCS to all of the Android devices in the US. Rich Communication Services, is a kind of updated version of text messages and Multi-Media messages, that are now totally obsolete.

The process of integration with leading mobile carriers was stretched for a very long period of time and then during that period, major US mobile carriers announced a messaging app without Google which has been working hard on standardizing across Android devices around the globe.

Google is now officially releasing the RCS with interoperability between different mobile carriers in the States through its official Android Messaging app, however, Google started to work on this back in 2016. With RCS, users will be able to transfer large files, check read receipts and get notified when the other person is typing.

How to Use Google RCS On Your Android Device?

In order to use Google RCS, you need to download the official Android messaging app by Google LLC and use it as your default messaging app on your device. Upon installation, you will get a notification that says. “Messages just got better”, agree to the terms and conditions and the feature will be available to use soon after that.

To check your RCS status, Go to the app’s settings and tap on “Chat Features”, if you text someone using RCS, the input line will display “Chat message” whereas a normal SMS is shown as “Text Message.

Google Starts Rolling Out RCS For Users In The US
Credits – GSMArena
Google Starts Rolling Out RCS For Users In The US
Credits – GSMArena

Although Google has started rolling out this feature, it is not yet available for every Android device as of writing, but you can still check your RCS status otherwise wait for a few more weeks.

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