Instagram Testing Birthday to Be in Sync With That on Facebook

The Facebook-owned social media platform Instagram has seen massive growth in the number of users. A lot of people have been shifting towards Instagram due to various reasons, especially teenagers. While signing up for an account, you need to provide your birth date to Instagram which however is not included in your profile.

While signing up, users have a choice to either signup with an email or phone number or just directly use the Facebook sign-up method.

Jane, an app expert who reverse engineers apps to find unreleased features or new tests, has discovered how Instagram is testing your birth dates to be in sync with that on Facebook in order to stop birth dates related spam.

She further states that underage users cannot change their birthdays and adult users cannot change birthday to be underage.

As per the information from Jane Wong, Instagram requires your date of birth to be the same as that on Facebook to improvise the features of ads they run on their platforms.

For instance, if a teenager of 13 is using Instagram and has provided his date of birth, Instagram wouldn’t show him ads related to alcohol or any other stuff that is not related to a teen.

If you create an account, you will be able to find your date of birth on your profile. However, it will not be shown publicly to the users who visit your profile. This privacy feature has been already updated, hence new accounts will now be asked to enter their original date of birth.

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