Instagram Takes Action Against Profile Stalker App Ghosty

Instagram, a social media app acquired by Facebook, provides various privacy features to its users one of them includes private profile which restricts users who don’t follow you from viewing your profile posts, stories, highlights, people you follow and people who follow you.

However, there are a few apps available on the internet that allows you to view a private Instagram profile without having to follow it. Some of these apps are also available on the Google Play Store, where Ghosty is one of the main culprits.

Instagram Takes Down Ghosty, A profile Stalker App

Instagram wants to keep the data of its users on the app secure from third-party apps that can give access to the data of private profiles of the users without his/her consent. Instagram has decided to fight back against these stalker apps.

Instagram Takes Action Against Profile Stalker App Ghosty
Instagram Takes Action Against Profile Stalker App Ghosty

The authorities have made it clear that they will be sending a cease and desist request to the apps that are violating the privacy policies of Instagram, where Ghosty is one of them. As of writing, the Ghosty app has been taken down from the Google Play store. Before the takedown, the app had more than 500,000 downloads.

The app would let people view private profiles without even the user accepting the follow request, which is a serious privacy concern. However, the app has been permanently removed from the play store but it can be still distributed on third-party app downloading platforms such as apk downloading sites and more.

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