You can now manually tag people in Google Photos

We all love Google photos due to various features and regular auto-backups. With the recent update, Google has added a feature of tagging people manually in photos. After a successful face recognition, Google photo will ask you to tag the person in the picture manually.

Over the years, Google photos had a feature of detecting and tagin faces in the app automatically. With the new manual tagging feature, you can tag the person correctly as the automatic tag feature was not very reliable and there was no way to edit and correct the automatic tags.

You can now manually tag people in Google Photos
You can now manually tag people in Google Photos

Although, one thing that lacks in the new update is that you will be able to tag manually only if Google’s Ai is able to detect a face in the photo. If Google detects a face in the photo but fails to recognize the person, you can manually tag the person. But if Google successfully recognizes a person in the picture, you won’t be able to manually tag the person.

Google has already confirmed about working on this feature, this may or not be available to you right now as it is still under test mode and has not been made available to a large number of people yet.

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