Russia Shutting Down the Internet- Guess Why

Computers and the Internet are creating a great impact on people’s life. Currently, more than 108,772,470 peoples (77% population) in Russia have access to the Internet. To avoid any kind of vandalization in CyberWarfare situations, Russia is now planning a Defence Test during which the Internet of the whole country will be Shut Down for one day. The whole world will be having an eye on this event. Many experts believe that this is something not very good for the country and it could cause many harms.

Let everyone say whatever, Russia is all set to keep itself disconnected from the Internet for a whole one day. The goal of this event is to simply disconnect the country from the Global Internet in case of Emergency Cyberwarfare Situation. During this time, Russians will have only access to the Internet walled off by the Russian Authorities. This will also give the Russian Government more control over its citizens.

What is the Need?

Practising this event simply indicates that Russia is trying to establish its own version of the Internet to provide its citizen with a secure, sustainable and fully functional Internet. The success of this Defence Test will prevent the country from any kind of Cyber Attacks or Information/Data leakages during the cyberwar atmosphere. While the country will get disconnected from the Global Internet, it’s Internal Internet will still be functioning.

Russia shuts Internet Down
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China already has practised such tests in past. It has its own firewall called China’s Great Firewall. This firewall restricts the flow of data coming in and going out of China’s web. In order to accomplish the Goal, Russia will be planning some same sort of Firewall mechanism.

According to the buzzes, Russia has already spent more than 3 hundred million dollars ($300 million) on this project. Experts believe that it will not be easy for Russia to create a Firewall like China’s because its Internet was built to be open. China, on the other hand, restricted country’s web access very early in 1996 (after 2 years of Internet arrival) and still, it cannot be considered as 100% safe and airtight.

Expert’s opinion

According to experts, Russia’s Idea of shutting down the Internet is not going to be as easy as it sounds and it will also hurt the country’s economy.

According to a report from GNI; the per day impact of the Internet Disconnection will cost around the US $23.6 million per 10 million people. This makes it  $330 million a day for Russia. Russia is not the only country to implement such a plan. But the size of the country and its population makes the task harder for the government of Russia.

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