Tessa Thompson is getting into the role for her upcoming big film

Tessa Thompson, 36, arrived uninterrupted out of a time machine as she was found filming her fresh movie, Passing on Monday afternoon in Brooklyn, New York.

Well, The Men in Black star was in great companionship while shooting the forthcoming film beside her costar Andre Holland, 39, and her director Rebecca Hall.

Stylish: For her day of shooting in the Big Apple, she wore a brilliant pink hat that had a tingled orange-colored ribbon wrapped around it

She matched the hat with a vintage-invigorated jacked that was brown and paired her pants. The jacket had a brown stitched detailing adjacent to the end and around the two pockets.

Attire: The jacket had a brown sewed detailing along the end and around the two pockets. Below she wore a brilliant orange button-up top and dimmed red shoes

Conversing on: Tessa conversed with the Moonlight star on a set of steps while shooting in Brooklyn.
The film reflects the novel that was published in 1929 that is based on the term, racial passing.

It’s a catchword that’s used to classify someone of a particular racial group who aspires to be received by another.

The film will accompany two buddies from high school who maneuver through life with the urge to be received that can put them both in drastic threat.

The plot: The movie mimics the novel that was published in 1929 that attends racial passing

Hall is set to obtain her feature directorial debut with this movie and additionally confirmed the screenplay.

It is anchored to be produced by Margot Hand with Picture Films as well as Nina Yang Bongiovi, and Forest Whitaker. The movie seems not to have a release date yet.

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