5 Paid Apps that will become Free for Iphone users from Today

What could be better than getting your favourite paid iPhone apps for free? Let’s have a look at some of the games which were payable earlier but will now be available for free. Before you over rejoice yourself, let us tell you that these apps will be made free only for a limited period. There is no answer to the question that how long will these games be available for free. These can last free for about after 1 hour of you reading this post or even 1 week (No one knows).

To know if the app is still available for free or not, simply search the name of that particular game on App Store. If you see some sort of pricing in front of the GET button, they are no longer free.

5 paid iPhone Apps now available for Free

1) Drop Flop

This game was earlier available on the App Store for $0.99. This games test your reflexive skills. The gameplay is quite easy to learn. The player will tap the screen to drop the ball and then will have to use his/her reflexive skills to catch the ball. As the levels increases, the difficulty of the game will arise.

Source: App Store

This game can remove your stress and you can play it around anywhere like offices, Toilet, Trains etc. Overall, a recommendable game to play.

2) Night of the Full Moon

The player does not require any Internet connection to play this game. This a Drama niched game where you have to focus on finding the lost grandmother. The objective is to save the grandmother from forest witches and wolves.


Source: App Store

3) Fliptastic Pro

It is an amazing photo editing app with a lot of Interesting features. Users can apply various filters to their photos, they can add transitions and music to the image slideshows etc. User first needs to select a picture from any online album gallery like Facebook or Instagram or from the offline Mobile’s gallery. Many effects like Snowfall, fires, revolving hearts etc can be applied to the pictures.

Source: App Store

The slideshow video can be auto-optimized for the Instagram post in a single tap. There are various transition effects available to choose from like Cross Fade, Slide, Converse etc.

4) Talene Kids School

It is a fun learning experience app where kids can learn things joyfully. Grab this app if you have little kids at your home. The app has various features like ABC piano, Match Up, Word Puzzle etc.

  1. ABC piano: It helps your kid to recognize various Alphabets of English Language. Kids will be able to recognize both the sound and visual appearance of the Letters.
  2. Word Puzzle: This helps the kids in forming words using various English alphabets.


Source: App Store

5) Meeting Notepad

Bored of carrying your heavy laptops in meetings? This app helps you to write down your meeting notes. Now you don’t need to waste your time making heavy weighing files. Simply use your Ipad to make the important notes on spot.


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