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Iphone Employee Stole a Personal Picture From a Customer’s Mobile

Recently, the news has been trending on the Internet where Apple fired its employee for stealing a personal picture from a customer’s mobile phone. Those who don’t know, Apple has some fixed guidelines and privacy policies which should be followed by the Employees. Since the employee went ahead for a privacy violation, Apple has now confirmed that he is no more working for apple or in simple words- APPLE FIRED THAT GUY!

This man came in question when Gloria Fuentes resident of Bakersfield received a text message from him. This text message contained an “extremely personal” picture of her which was apparently taken from Gloria’s phone by the Apple Employee. Gloria took this case to the Bakersfield Police Department where the investigation is still active and going on. Which means that getting fired from his job might not be his only punishment as possible criminal charges can also be made on him.

Not only this,  even Apple launched its Internal Investigation to find out the truth. They found the guy guilty and hence decided to fire him off from his job. They also stated that this act was disgraceful and the employee has behaved in a highly inappropriate manner.

Gloria went to the Apple store on Monday to get her mobile’s screen fixed. She has to say that the Apple employee took a while seeing it before returning it.

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