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Awkward KATIE Price leaves the Thorpe Park’s Fright Night coming across her ex Kris Boyson – Rumours sparking ‘They’re back’

Katie Pierce and Kris Boyson left the Thorpe Park’s Fright Night together on Thursday night and there are rumors that they are back together.

Earlier in the year, during August, Katie and Kris broke up when she kicked her out of the mucky mansion and replaced with Charles Dury.

First, entered Katie with her son at the theme park who was dressed in her grey-white outfit with ‘ICON’-a written cap which quite well complemented with Kris’s black hat of the same design.

On Thursday night, the individuals turned up at the same event, with coordinated all-black and all-grey outfit with complementing caps.

While both were seen at the event, none of them revealed anything to the media, nor with their actions neither with their words.

Though Kris’ intention regarding getting back in the relationship cannot be made sure of, Katie’s was something very prominent. Earlier in the day, she hinted about dumping her present boyfriend Charles and getting back with Kris through an Instagram quote. Followed up came another Instagram post made by her about walking out from a relationship and moving on, which made our guess stronger.

If all goes well, we will soon be seeing the pair back together. Till then, let’s hope for the best!

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