Google brings security keys with USB-C feature, in collaboration with Yubico

After coming up with Titan Key a year back, Google has already launched its next venture which features USB-C dongle, equipped with two-factor security. 

Earlier, Google only featured a Bluetooth version that came with a micro USB port and a USB-A dongle, ultimately making the previous USB-A dongles absolutely useless while plugging in Windows, Mac OS, iOS, and Android. 

The users always had to carry an adapter with them to make things work in their Windows, Android, iOS, and macOS devices. But, with the launch of the USB-C variant, users seem to be in relief from the extra hassle. 

Made in collaboration with Yubico, the C-variant Titan security key holds a FIDO certification and a Google’s Titan security chip, embedded inside. However, the fact that it does not support the NFC feature like the previous ones, has outlined several questions to the users. 

Yubico itself has wiped off the rumors which were getting circulated saying, all the words that have been said regarding the Bluetooth glitch previously, have been buried now. 

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However, the idea to develop a secured virtual sphere is not something new and derives its existence since the issue of the 2017 Google mandate. The mandate demanded a physical two-factor login security device to any account. Thus, lead to the idea of developing its own security dongle USBs. 


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