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The psychopath Churchwarden jailed for life for murdering the Manchester Grammar school teacher

A churchwarden, named Benjamin Field of twenty-eight years, has been put to jail for more than thirty years, for murdering the former Manchester Grammar School teacher, Peter Farquhar, who was sixty-nine years old in the year 2015.  

According to the police reports, the warden has been detected as a sadist and is known to murder the school teacher followed by continuous physical and mental torture. 

Reportedly, the man committed the murder to get hold of his property, which includes his house and a lump of money. 

After arresting Benjamin for the committed act of murder, he was diagnosed with some mental problems and was declared as a ‘psychopath’. The police described that it was probably due to the mental condition, which paved the path to the murder. 

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Mr. Farquhar was a novelist and an English teacher and has even served at the University of Buckingham, as an English lecturer. Wherever he served, he has received a lot of respect and love, from his students who always considered him as an ideal father-figure. 

The murder case which began from the year 2015, finally came to an end, back on Friday. Benjamin, who has been detected as a psychopath, has been ultimately sentenced to thirty-six years of jail, for murdering Mr. Farquhar and also for posing as a threat to society due to his mental disorder.

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